Aeration and Scarification

Why we need Aeration and scarification

Aerating and scarifying are two of the most beneficial treatments for your lawn.

Aeration is the removal of thousands of tiny cores from the soil.

This helps to break down thatch and allows oxygen and nutrients to reach the roots.

Aeration also relieves compaction. This is when the soil becomes squashed and tight over years of walking, working and playing on it.

Roots cannot grow through the compacted soil and water and fertiliser find it hard to soak down to the roots.

Scarification is the removal of moss and thatch from your lawn.

Your lawn will produce a layer of plant and root matter on top of the soil surface, this is called thatch. You can see this on the picture opposite.

Thatch stops moisture and fertiliser getting to the root zone but even worse provides an environment that moss will thrive in.

Thatch also prevents new growth, and nothing looks as good as healthy new grass.

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