Moss Control

How we deal with moss

At Premier Lawn Treatment we use a powerful moss killing agent in a micro-granular form.

This is widely accepted by green keepers as the most effective method for controlling moss in lawns.

You will receive this treatment ordinarily as part of your 4-phase service.

This treatment also brings out a deep green colour from the lawn.

A number of well established companies do not use this method as it takes a lot of time and care to train staff to use.

Premier Lawn Treatment has the very best staff and only uses the very best products.

This is a service that will be used with Aeration and Scarification if the moss is in abundance.

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moss stifling the lawn

Is your lawn like this? This is exactly the kind of thing Premier Lawn Treatment will deal with for you


No matter how much moss has taken over your lawn we can deal with it with no need for expensive re-laying.