Lawn mowers and mowing make all the difference

Mowing your lawn

The most important thing you can do to help us keep your lawn in the very best condition is mowing. You may not realise just how important this is to your lawns health.

Regular mowing at the correct height combined with our service guarantees a fantastic looking lawn.

About one inch is usually the best height for most lawns. You can cut shorter but you will need to mow very regularly.

The most important thing is to mow regularly, once a week is ideal for a first rate lawn.

 It is important to keep the grass at the same height for the whole year round, letting the grass grow long and then cutting right down will leave the grass thin and yellow in colour.
Mowing too short will encourage moss and too long will encourage course grass.

Try if possible to change the direction every time you mow, this will stop the grass from banding in one direction and help keep course grass at bay.

Keep mower blades sharp as dull blades will leave yellow tips on the grass.

Try not to mow on the day of your treatment or for a few days after (until granules have disappeared).

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Lawn mowers

The type of lawnmower you use can greatly affect your lawn.

We would recommend that for most of our customers a wheeled rotary mower is best.

The wheeled rotary mower is a good all round machine; generally speaking lawns cut with a rotary will suffer less problems with course grass, moss and compaction.

Hover mowers can be useful when the ground is wet for long periods as the lack of weight means work can still be carried out on the lawn.

Cylinder mowers can often cause more harm than good as they tend to rather scalp the lawn. A perfectly well maintained cylinder mower on a lawn mown as often as twice a week with the correct varieties of grasses will work effectively.


A wheeled rotary mower