For a beautiful lawn all year round use our regular service

Our regular service

For your lawn to look its best it will need to be serviced at least four times throughout the year.

With prices starting at £13.00 per treatment you can afford to keep your lawn looking its best

We will provide you with the dates we will be visiting you, when you start to use the service. You can choose a particular day or time to suit you if you so wish although you don’t have to be there when the treatment is taking place.

Spring treatment:  A weed killer will be applied. The type used will be dependent on the weeds you have in your lawn. A fertiliser will also be applied. This will bring your lawn out in a rich deep green colour and help it to grow anywhere it has thinned out over the winter.

Early summer treatment: A high-tech, no-scorch feed coated for slow release provides a beautiful even colour to the lawn and will help to further improve your lawns density. Again a weed killer befitting your needs will be applied.

Late summer treatment: A top of the range no-scorch fertiliser will be applied to give your lawns a lush green healthy look while not letting the grass grow too fast. A weed killer will again be applied to deal with any persistent lawn weeds.

Autumn Treatment: A micro-granular form of moss killer will be applied. A form widely accepted by green keepers as the most effective method for controlling moss in lawns. This is not used by many companies as it takes a large amount of staff training to use. A feed that works at low temperatures is also used in this application.

You can find out more about our services and extra treatments we can provide by clicking the services link or why not call us. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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