Watering your lawn

Watering is very important

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Like any other plant your lawn will need a drink every now and then.

If you leave your lawn to turn brown it is more likely to come back full of moss and weeds.

If the weather turns hot and dry for a week with no rain in sight you will need to think about watering.

Try to water in the cool of the evening. This will give the grass a chance to take the lquid before the sun dries it out.

You should not mow in the heat of the sun when there is very little rain for weeks on end. Mowing at this time may turn the lawn yellow and during a drought it will be hard to bring back.

Bear in mind the grass will start to slow down growing in a drought anyway.

One heavy soak a week in the evening should be enough to keep your lawn green.

If you start to water before the grass turns brown you have a much better chance of keeping it green.

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