Fertilising and weed killing


You will receive different fertilisers throughout the year with our regular service

All of our fertilisers are available only to professionals.

All our staff are trained to the very highest standard.

We know what to use and when to use our range of fertilisers.

Our fertilisers contain a slow release system which enables them to last longer than off-the-shelf products.

The slow release system also means no scorch.

These products will also last much longer than off the shelf fertilisers saving you money and work, keeping your lawn perfect all year round.


You will receive weed-killers that will kill all known lawn weeds as part of our regular service

All our weed-killers are safe for children and pets.

We have an extensive range of systemic and contact herbicides.

These weed-killers will kill a large range of weeds that off-the-shelf products will not affect.

These will be applied as to your lawns specific needs.

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